Former Site of Conservative Disability Group Now Closed for their use. This site is owned by Graeme Ellis former Disabled member of the Conservative Party now proud to be a Labour Member. I support Remain and only staying in the EU can save disabled Lives

Access to this website is permanently denied to the conservative disability group due to there support for a party that is out to destroy disabled lives. It will be used to get an anti tory disability message out there

The government of Boris Johnson is on a path not only to destroy disabled lives but to ruin this country with his No Deal Brexit. As A Disabled activist I am concerned about the potential threat to medical supplies and food. This will have severe impact on the vulnerable in UK society.

His plan to suspend Parliament so he can have his way is undemocratic and will lead to deaths.

The UN have condemned the Conservative Government for ignoring and destroying the rights of Disabled Citizens in the UK. Only Labour will fight for us and restore our standing in UK society

This action was originally taken by  myself Graeme Ellis in March 2016 in protest of the governments swathe of cuts in benefits to disabled claimants.  I also resigned from the Conservative Disability Group and the Conservative. I subsequently joined the labour party

Its over aver 3 years since my protest and yet PIP and other Benefits are in disarray and under  threat. Assessments that are lies leading to claimnets falling into poverty We must fight this and hold the conservative party and its disabled supporters to task.

Go to, the contact page and tell them what you think and shame them for helping sell us down the river.