Former Site of Conservative Disability Group Now Closed for their use.

This site is owned by Graeme Ellis former Disabled member of the Conservative Party now proud to be a Labour Member. I support re-joining the EU and only staying in the EU can save disabled Lives. I removed this website from the groups control when the tory government under Cameron and Osborne started making  huge cuts to welfare benefits and resigned from the group and party as a protest. The group group  supports a party that is out to destroy disabled lives not improve them. It will be used to get an anti tory disability message out there. The situation for us all not only the disabled is dire in the current crisis and I felt it time to get another message out there.

The UK government is failing to provide BSL  interpreters at is daily briefings leaving people in the Deaf Community unable to fully understand the information given. English and BSL is vastly different so subtitles is not an feasible option. If your reading this please contact your MP on they work for us asking that this blatant act of discrimination is corrected. You can contact them easily following this link to they work for you.

The failure to work with the EU for PPE and ventilators has cost lives and will take many more, An utter failure to get supplies of PPE to where it is needed has added to the death toll. We cannot let this go unpunished.

The release of patients back into care homes with no testing has condemned many others to death. The number of deaths is genocide of the most vulnerable.

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